Apolis Craft Tea - Morning Glory Oolong Tea Blend

$ 16.00

Start your day or revive your afternoon with this juicy blend of oolong tea, cantaloupe & grapefruit.  Slightly floral from a touch of orange blossom and delicious hot or iced.  This is a forgiving tea to brew is almost impossible to make bitter!

Jars are powder coated glass mason jars and measure approximately 3 inches in diameter by 5 inches tall.  These are the best way to store your tea! They are totally air tight and protect tea from UV light.  Each jar includes 15 pyramid tea bags.  

INGREDIENTS: oolong tea, natural flavor, orange blossom, grapefruit oil

CAFFEINE: Moderate. Oolong teas typically range from 25-60 mg of caffeine per cup. For comparison, coffee ranges from 80-120 mg per cup.

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