About Us

The idea for & NEST came about in 2013 when my son was born.  I wanted a set of wooden blocks to capture his milestone photos.  I wanted them to be natural, unpainted, and beautifully made.  It wasn't until I spent days searching that I realized that something so simple could be so hard to find.  

& NEST was established out of love and appreciation for thoughtfully designed and exceptionally crafted items that use sustainable and natural materials.  We strive to bring you products that are durable and timeless, allowing you to pass them on from child to child, and even generation to generation.

We have an approach to everyday life of owning less but owning well.  Letting your possessions uplift your spirit and stir your imagination. Surrounding yourself with the things that you love, and having those things serve you for a lifetime.

It is my sincere hope that you love our products as much as we love discovering them.

To see what’s inspiring us lately, please visit our blog page or find us on Instagram (@andnestshop) and Pinterest (@andnest).

Vera Soto


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