Hand Carved Wooden Mushrooms

$ 15.00

Bring the beauty of nature to your daily life!  A cluster of handcrafted wooden mushrooms made from unique Indonesian parasite wood - a parasitic plant that grows and imbeds itself into the bark of a tree and gets its nourishment from the tree’s sap.  When the trees dies, the dense growths are then gathered and carved into beautiful sculptures by master Indonesian artisans.

  • This listing is for ONE wooden mushroom sculpture.  Please select your preferred size.  
  • Dimensions: Large is approx. 7” tall with 2.5” base.  Medium is approx. 5.5” tall with 2” base.  Small is approx. 4.5” tall with 1.5” base.  
  • For Indoor Use only.  
  • Handmade in Indonesia 
  • THIS IS NOT A TOY.  Please keep out of reach of children.  
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