Burel Collection Whale Pillow B

$ 89.00 $ 46.00

Handmade to perfection by design studio Carapau in Portugal.  The artist, Rita Faria combined skillful hand stamping and stitching techniques with two of the most durable and eco-friendly fabrics to create a whale pillow/toy that is truly a mastery of art and fun!  

  • Dimensions: 14"w x 3.5"d x 16"h (Large Size)
  • Packaged in a reusable cotton bag
  • Materials: Portugese Burel and Linen, Hypoallergenic stuffing
  • Burel is a woven made of pure wool.  The process of making the fabric is slow and complex resulting a tight, wear-resistant natural fabric that is also water-repellent and fire retardant.  
  • Hand stamped pattern on body.  Hand stitched eyes.  


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